Overview: How a customer sees your business strongly influences their willingness to visit or buy from you. Understanding what they see and how your businesses  layout and image influences them can help you to identify positive changes and improvements. These improvements can help attract customers,  generate additional sales, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and referrals to their friends and family.

Instant Impression: First impressions really matter. It takes less than a second for a customer to make a first impression about your business.

Impression Audit: An impression audit is done to see the good and bad things that influence a customers view of your business. It is a simple process.

Who Does it ?: Ideally you do one, your staff, friends and / or customers do one. This means you get different views,  opinions and impressions.

How is it done?: The same survey is done by each participant. They answer the same question and uses the same grading scheme.

The Results: The results are collected and analysed. The analysis is best done by someone independent. The outcome is reported.

Using the Report: The report is discussed by management and staff in order to identify ways to address weaknesses and reinforce strengths.

Comparisons: You can do audits on your competitors and other businesses. Use these to judge your own results against. Decide what to do.

What to do then: Create a list of potential actions for improvements. Plan and budget these. Give responsibility for doing them to management and staff.

Advertising?: How do the auditors grade  your advertising. Is it  clear consistent, compelling, projects your brand and message?

Accessibility?: How do the auditors grade  the ease with which they can physically find you? Are their clear directions available to customers?

Parking?: How do the auditors grade  your parking ?  Is it secure? Is it close? Is it easy to get to from the business? Is it free or pay?

Business Frontage?: How do the auditors grade  the external side of your business? Is it well cared for? Is it inviting or not? Is it clear it is your business?

Windows?: How do the auditors grade  the windows of your  business? Are they clean? Are window displays inviting?

Welcoming ?: How do the auditors grade  the welcome they receive? Does the lay out say “Come In”? Do staff greet customers?

Cleanliness?: How do the auditors grade  the cleanliness outside and inside your business?  Does your business have a tidy image?

Smell?: How do the auditors grade  the odour in your business ?  Is it pleasant or not? Is it appropriate? Strong? Is there a better one? Toilets?

Paths and Flooring?: How do the auditors grade  your flooring and paths ?  Is the flooring in good order? Are there inviting browsing paths for customers?

Lighting?: How do the auditors grade  your lighting ?  Does it compliment the products? Is it appropriate in colour and intensity?

Graphics and Signs? : How do the auditors grade  your graphics, signs and labels ?  Are they appropriate, informative, coordinated. Do they do their job?

Displays?: How do the auditors grade  your displays. Are they interesting, colourful, well stocked? Do they invite customers to browse?

Fixtures?: How do the auditors grade  your fixtures? Are they in good order? Are they working as they should be? Do they fit  your business?

Music?: How do the auditors grade  your music?  Is it appropriate? Is it for staff or customers? Does it fit your brand image? Volume?

Stock and Prices?: How do the auditors grade  your stock and pricing?  Is there the expected stock? Is the range good? Too much? Too Little? Is it priced well?

Special Services?: How do the auditors grade  your services and value add?  Did they get anything extra? Something different? Some reason to return?